NDCL Alumni Association


“The mission of the NDCL Alumni Association is to support the interests of NDCL, enhance the school and community through philanthropy and service, provide leadership, networking, and a voice to all alumni of NDCL, all through the spirit of Mary.”


The NDCL Alumni Association was formalized in January 2006. The purpose is to reflect and support the mission of NDCL and to foster one community of faith between alumni, parents, students, and faculty. Additionally, the Alumni Association creates a network for alumni and students to utilize in career planning and mentoring. 

NDCL Alumni Association Calendar

Date / Time



May 9
6:00 p.m.

Burntwood Tavern
5835 Landerbrook Dr.
Cleveland, OH

Minutes -
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Aug. 22
6:00 p.m.

Burntwood Tavern
5835 Landerbrook Dr.
Cleveland, OH

Regular Meeting - Agenda

 Interested in learning how to get involved with the Alumni Association? Contact Alex Euse `05, VP for Recruitment, at [email protected]

2016 NDCL Alumni Assoc. Board:

President: Joe Watrobski `98
VP, Comm.: Marie Cavolo `08
VP, Events: Steve Cavolo `05
VP, Recruitment: Alex Euse `05
VP, Finance: Kelly Kaminski `08
Secretary: Amanda Bagdasarian `08
At-Large: Chris Byrne `00
At-Large: Tim Bencic `07
At-Large: Tommy Lund `07
At-Large: Dennis Murphy `02

Executive Board members (President, VPs) are elected positions serving two-year terms. Other Board Members serve one-year terms. Voting takes place at the November meeting, and terms of office run January 1 – December 31.