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Nine students honored by Cleveland Clinic
The Cleveland Clinic's eXpressions Program honored nine NDCL students during an awards ceremony to open the program's annual exhibition Thursday night at the Global Center for Health Innovation in downtown Cleveland.
STELLAR SOPHS: Sophomores Augie King and Zach Urda describe their Best-in-Show math project during the award ceremony of the Cleveland Clinic's eXpressions Program at the Global Center for Health Innovation Thursday.

As the Best in Show winners in the math competition, sophomores Augie King and Zach Urda presented their project to several hundred attendees. Math Department Chairperson Mrs. Marcia Pecek introduced Augie and Zach during the ceremony.

NDCL's honorees also included Reagan Hoyt, Hailey Otto, Valerie Raicevich, and Alyssa Rice, blue ribbon in mathematics; McKenna Randall, blue ribbon in art; Caroline Pavlish, white ribbon in art; and Katherine Busch, honorable mention in art.

In his introductory remarks at the start of the event, Mr. Bryan Pflaum, the Clinic's Director of Government and Community Relations, saluted NDCL as a "powerhouse of achievement" in the eXpressions program over the years. He noted our track record of achievement in the language, art, and math competitions.

Every year since 2008, our students have also been selected for prestigious Cleveland Clinic summer internships. Research conducted by summer interns forms the foundation of the eXpressions program.