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Juniors and Sophomores excel on state graduation tests
NDCL's Classes of 2019 and 2020 excelled on the new state-mandated exams for graduation, with 96% of the juniors and 95% of the sophomores passing all required exams on their very first attempt.

"Our students not only passed—they knocked it out of the park," said Assistant Principal Mrs. Denice Teeples in describing NDCL's performance on the Iowa Assessments. "Overall, the juniors finished in the top 15% nationally, and the sophomores ranked in the top 16%."

Mrs. Teeples noted that the percentage of students achieving at the advanced or accelerated levels exceeded 50% on every exam. On some exams, the percentage of students scoring at these high levels was significantly higher.

For example, nearly 70% of NDCL students scored at the highest levels in English, and more than 80% reached those levels in American History, Mrs. Teeples explained.

"Clearing the state-testing hurdle is just our first step. Now we'll continue to focus on building the knowledge and skills our students will need to succeed in college and their eventual careers," Mrs. Teeples stressed.