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Students cherish creation with annual beach clean-up
About 40 of our students and teachers took our mission statement to heart by transforming at least a little part of our world by cleaning up the beach at Headlands Beach State Park in Mentor.

In two and a half hours scouring the beach, the group collected and catalogued over 300 pounds of garbage. The clean-up included a prayer experience that focused participants on the beauty of creation and our Christian responsibility to cherish and protect it so that we can pass it on to future generations.

"Our students worked hard on a very hot day to clean up some of the carelessness that mars Mentor Headlands and so many of our natural resources," said science teacher Mrs. Adrienne Fox, who has coordinated the beach clean-up project since its inception in 2014. Theology teachers Mrs. Michelle Nowak and Mr. Joe Alto also accompanied the group.

TACKLING THE CLEAN-UP: Seniors Manni Malone, Lexie Hammer, and Halle Sarkisian collect and catalog trash from Mentor Headlands beach.

IT'S MENTOR, NOT MAUI: Juniors Hanna Gemmell and Abby Schmid show off one of the beach clean-up's more interesting finds: a coconut!