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Graduates embark on fundraiser for Honduran babies
Graduates embark on fundraiser for Honduran babiesMary D'Angelo '15 and Claire Spech '15 have been best friends throughout their time at Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School. This fall, they head to rival schools--University of Michigan and Ohio State University. Before they part, they've embarked on an important Crowdrise online fundraiser to bene?t the children of Sociedad Amigos de los Niños (SAN), an organization that rescues and raises abandoned or orphaned children in Honduras.

For the last two summers, Mary and Claire traveled to Honduras on mission trips. They fell in love with the Honduran children--in particular with the 15 newly abandoned babies recently arrived in SAN's Nuevo Paraiso village. On their trip this past July, they ?lmed a short Crowdrise video to tell the story of these babies and solicit much-needed funds for their feeding, care, and sponsorship. Their Crowdrise campaign, "$15 for 15 Babies" was launched on August 11 with a goal of $10,000.