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Fall Sports

Coaches and Staff

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Head Coach: Nicol Susel

Assistant Coaches: Kelly Boehlefeld

Cross Country

Head Coach: TBA
Assistant Coach: TBA


Head Coach: Andrew Mooney

Freshman Head Coach:
Assistant Coaches: James Heath, Jeffrey Banker, Stephen Isabella, Augie Montz, Jim Henson,
Michael Fleeman and Bob Madden


Boys' Head Coach: Toni DeSanto
Assistant Coach:
Girls' Head Coach: 
Michael Wheeler
Assistant Coach:


Boys' Varsity Head Coach: Marco DiFranco

Assistant Coaches: Pietro DeMichele, Charles Bohnak and Dale Holcomb

Girls' Varsity Head Coach: Matt Tainer

Assistant Coaches: Jerry Drda, Nikki DiFranco, and
Denyse Williams-Milbert

Girls Tennis

Head Coach: Harvey Schrager
Assistant Coaches: Andreja Didovic, Alex Dowger and Robert McBrayer


Head Coach: Tom Ray
Assistant Coaches: Andy Nicholson, Maggie Lombardi and Jessica Beharry