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Holy Family Fund

 Holy Family Fund 2021-2022

Like the Holy Family, the Notre Dame Schools family is invited to grow in our holiness by responding to the needs of others.  Many in our school community are blessed with good fortune and good health.  Yet there are others who struggle—death, illness, job loss, and other unforeseen hardships that put strain on our school families and jeopardize their ability to meet financial obligations at Notre Dame Schools.  
Thank you to these individuals who help those in need by giving from the heart through our Holy Family Fund.

Dominick and Josephine Ambrose
Rose (Dolan '75) Baker
Michael and Nancy Bates
John and Kimberly Begovic
Todd and Amy Berardinelli
Kathy and Steve Biro
Aaron and Shelley Brown
Andy Bushman
Rev. James Caddy
Pat and Lisa Callahan
Ryan and Kristin Callender
Cathleen Caputo
Rick '74 and Bernadette (Caprez '75) Cavolo
David and Ann Corwin
Patrick and Allison Coulson
Matt '94 and Kristin Dailey
Brian and Katrina DeRespiris
Joseph and Angela DuBois
Ron and Barb Duggan
Jason and Alissa Effner
David and Lynne (Gorse '74) Ernes
Hooman and Rozhan Farhoodi
Maureen Feller"11
Scott and Lynette Filson
Victoria Frabotta '86
Andy and Jacqueline (Preston ' 01) Franck
Walter and Dawn Goodfield
Estate of Dolores Marie Gorse
John and Therese Herubin
Michael and Joya Hoge
Paul '69 and Jackie Hoynes
Edward and Carol Hren
Trevor and Kara Hutter
Matt and Kelly (Kane '93) Keefe
Karl and Jeanne King
Patrick '63 and Ann Kirk
Steve and Beatrice Krajnak
Keven '98 and Meghan Krajnak
Ed and Colleen Kubek
Rick and Jeannine Kuhlman
Andrej and Pamela Lah
Charles and Stacey Langal
Neil and Kimberly Leininger
Chad and and Kimberly Leland
Edward and Theresa Lewandowski
Matt and Mary (Gallagher '92) Matheney
John and Cathi (Perfetto '84) Mezzopera
Paul and Bonnie Miller
Joseph and Kelly Morano
Amy and Steve Myers
John and Michelle Naro
Joseph '64 and Trish Nista
Dan and Michelle O'connor
Tom and Julie Perovsek
Thomas and Helen Purcell
Dan and Kristin Reginelli
Thomas and Jennifer Rook
Lauren Rudman '02
Timothy Salcer '96
Jason and Michelle (Jansky '91) Schermer
John '79 and Aileen Schneeberger
Terry Searles
Anthony and Paula (Buzdon '80) Sieminski
Jeffrey and Rebecca (Powaski '90) Slattery
Dean and Denice Teeples
Jennifer (Hippley '86) Trittschuh
Karen Trunk
Deborah Turek
Kenneth and Cindy Uveges
Mark and Leigh Anne Vogley
Mike and Paula Wheeler
Joe IV and Barbara Williams
Christopher and Kristan Wojnar
Barry Wolf
Nick and Kathryn (Evans '88) Zolikoff
Mark and Janeen Zumerling