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Sister Jacquelyn 0Gusdane, SND
Office Phone: (440) 279-1050
B.A., Comprehensive Social Studies, Notre Dame College
M.A., European History and Political Science,
University of Minnesota
M.A., Religious Studies, John Carroll University
D.Min., Graduate Theological Foundation - Spiritual Direction
Post Masters' Certification Admin. and Supervision,
John Carroll University
Certificate in Spiritual Direction/Retreat Giving,
Creighton University
Mr. Joseph 1Waler
Office Phone: (440) 279-1052
B.A., Religious Studies, John Carroll University
M.A., Religious Studies, John Carroll University
M. Ed., Educational Administration,
Cleveland State University
Mrs. Denice 3Teeples
Assistant Principal
Office Phone: (440) 279-1065
B.S., Biology, Bowling Green State University
M.S., Marine Biology,
Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center
M.A.T., Life Science, Kent State University
5-12 Principal License, Ursuline College
Mr. Christopher 4Poulos
Dean of Students
Office Phone: (440) 279-1054
B.S., Biology, Ohio Dominican University
M.A., Education, Ursuline College
Mrs. Rachel 5Siegel (ST-Z)
Director of College Counseling and Support Services
Office Phone: (440) 279-1061
B.A., Theatre, Allegheny College
M.S. Ed., Counselor Education, Duquesne University
Mr. Joseph Alto
Theology 9, Theology 12
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1431
M.A., Theology, John Carroll University
B.A., Religious Studies, Art History, Hiram College
Ms. Susan Ancheta
Director of Student Information Systems, Into. to Ceramics
Office Phone: (440) 279-1077
B.A., History of Art, Ohio State University
M.A., Education, Ursuline College
Mrs. Jenny Backos
Registrar and Administrative Assistant
Office Phone: (440) 279-1055
Miss Ericka Bella
Algebra II, Calculus I, AP Calculus BC
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1463
B.S., Mathematics, Walsh University
Mr. Charles Bohnak
English 10, English 11
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1461
B.A., Integrated Language Arts, The University of Akron
Mr. Anthony Bozeglav
Director of Facilities, Transportation and Maintenance
Office Phone: (440) 279-1075 x 15050
Mr. Neil Brandt
Health, Plyometrics and Conditioning
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1404
B.S., Health/Physical Education, Ohio University M.Ed., Curriculum & Instruction, Ashland University
Miss Stacey Brandt
Theology 10 & 11
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1418
B.A., Theology and English, University of Notre Dame
M.Ed., University of Notre Dame
5-12 Language Arts License
Mrs. Lisa Breier
Events Coordinator
Office Phone: (440) 279-1080
Sister Emilia Castelletti, SND
Academic Coach, Theology 11
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1405
B.A., History, Government, Mathematics, Notre Dame College of Ohio
M.A., American Studies, University of Minnesota
Mrs. Pauline Cheeseman
Physics, AP Physics, Astronomy
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1403
B.S., Chemistry, Rochester Institute of Technology
M.B.A., Management Information Systems,
Syracuse University
Mrs. Melissa Christopher
Digital Design, Publications, Presentation Software, Intro. to Design
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1406
B.A., Fine Arts, Cleveland Institute of Art
Mr. Jim Clark
Assistant Athletic Director
Office Phone: (440) 279-1071
Mrs. Elizabeth Cox
Spanish I, Spanish III
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1407
B.A., University of Michigan
Mrs. Beth Davis
Campus Ministery
Office Phone: (440) 279-1059
B.S., Education/English, Indiana University
M.S., Education/Reading K-12, Indiana University
Mrs. Aubrey Deaton
English 9, English 10, NDCL Publication
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1421
B.A., Integrated Language Arts, Mt. Vernon Nazarene University
Mr. Pietro DeMichele
Health Services
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1438
B.S., Mercyhurst College
Mrs. Andrea Denny
Spanish I & II
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1429
B.A. Spanish, Pre-K - 12, Notre Dame College
Marco DiFranco
Strength and Conditioning
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1466
B.A., Physical Education, Cleveland State University
Mr. Alex Dowger
Government, Eastn Asia Studies, Sociology
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1408
B.A., Sociology, Thiel College
M.S., Criminal Justice, Youngstown State University
Mrs. Tamara Eicher
Academic Coach
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1410
B.S., Biology and German, Lafayette College
Sr. Rose Falorio ,SND
Academic Coach
Office Phone: (44) 286-6226 x 1441
Mr. Michael Fleeman
Intervention Specialist
Office Phone: (440) 279-1426
B.A., Mild to Mod. Intervention Specialist, Notre Dame College
Mrs. Adrienne Fox
College Biology I, College Biology II, Anatomy
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1413
B.A., Life Sciences & Chemistry,
Notre Dame College of Ohio
M.A., Biology, Miami University
Ms. Victoria Frabotta
AP English Literature, English 12, Film Study
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1414
B.A., Arts, History/English, John Carroll University
M.A., Education, John Carroll University
Mrs. Judee Geizer
Finance Office
Office Phone: (440) 279-1056
B.S., Biology, Medical Technology, Cleveland State University
Mrs. Vinka Hartman
French I, II, III, Spanish I
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1416
B.A., French, Cleveland State University
Mr. Eric Hodges
Database Administrator / Webmaster
Office Phone: (440) 279-1076
B.S., Computer Science, Kent State University
Mrs. Kathy Hurt
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1100
Mrs. Maria Injic
Director of Finance
Office Phone: (440) 279-9332
B.S., Accounting and International Business, University of Dayton
M.B.A., University of Dayton
Ms. Shirley Ivancic Stall
Speech, Theatre, Theatre Workshop
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1419
B.A., Communications, John Carroll University
Sister Michelle Kelly SND
Director of Academic Success Center, Intevention Specialist
Office Phone: (440) 279-1097
B.A., Elementary and Special Education, LaSalle University
M.A., Educational Administration, Ursuline College
Mrs. Ashley Kelm
AP Statistics, Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry, Statistics, Engineering Principles
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1457
B.S., Chemical Engineering, Youngstown State University
Sister Joanne Keppler, SND
Director of Professional Learning
Office Phone: (440) 279-1053
B.A., English & History/Political Science, Notre Dame College of Ohio
M.A., Religious Education, University of St. Thomas
M.A.T., History & Political Science, Indiana University
Certification, High School Principal, Ursuline College
Mrs. Dana King
Auxiliary Clerk
Office Phone: (440) 279-1067
B.S., Early Childhood Education, Lake Erie College
K-12 Reading Endorsement
Mr. Keven Krajnak
Director of Advancement
Office Phone: (440) 279-1068
B.S., Sports Management, University of Dayton
M.B.A., Cleveland state University
Mr. Phillip LeMay
Computer Programming
Office Phone: (440) 279-1096
B.A., Mathematics, John Carroll University
M.S., Management Information Systems, Barrington University
Ms. Emily Leyava
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1425
B.A., Philosophy & Religious Studies, Cleveland State University
M.A., Global Development & Social Justice, St. John's University
M.A., Religious Studies, John Carroll University
TESOL/TESL Certificate, Oxford Seminars
Mr. Benjamin Lozar
Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II Concepts
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1420
B.A., Science and Mathematics, Secondary Education, University of Cincinnati
Ms. Kelly Maduri
Forensics B,, Honors Chemistry, Honors Chemistry Comp. 
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1422
B.S., Science and Chemistry, John Carroll University
M.Ed, John Carroll University
Ms. Liz Maier
Director of Alumni Relations & Annual Giving
Office Phone: (440) 279-1079
B.A., Communication and Educational Studies, Mercyhurst University
M.S., Organizational Leadership, Mercyhurst University
Mr. Robert McBrayer
Health, Physical Education I
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1424
B.S., Physical Eduction, Ohio University Health Eduction, Cleveland State University
M.S., Curriculum Development, Ohio University
Mr. Ryan McCafferty (H-O)
School Counselor
Office Phone: (440) 279-1062
B.A., Psychology, Kent State University
M.Ed., School Counseling, Kent State University
Miss Maura McGinty
English 9, English 10
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1401
B.S., Integrated Language Arts, Ohio University
Mrs. Beth McMillan
Gift Steward
Office Phone: (440) 279-1069
Mrs. Gina McVey
Assistant to the President
Office Phone: (440) 279-1070
B.A., History, Ursuline College
Mr. Andrew Mooney
US History, Modern World History
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1427
Bachelor of Specialized Studies: Political Science, Ohio University
M.Ed., Integrated Social Studies, Ohio University
Mrs. Jackie Moskal
Coordinator of Digital Communication & Design
Office Phone: (440) 279-1069
Mrs. Amy Myers
Media Specialist
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1454
B.S., Integrated Social Studies, Ohio University
M.Ed., Instructional Technology and Media Specialist, Kent State University
Mrs. Lindsey Nicholson
US History, Honors Modern World History
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1402
B.A., History, Loyola University Chicago
B.S. Secondary Education, Loyola University Chicago
Mrs. Michelle Nowak
Theology 9 & 12
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1433
B.A., English, Miami Univ. of Ohio M.A., English, Univ. of Dayton
M.A., Theology, Saint Mary Seminary and Graduate School of Theology
Mrs. Jillian O'Reilly
Biology, Physical Science: Stem Explorations
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1453
B.S., Biology and Psychology, Canisius College
M.Ed,Adolescence Education, Canisius College
Ms. Giovanna Orlando
Technology Coach
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1409
Masters in Curriculum & Instruction: Educational Technology, Cleveland St. University
B.S., Middle Childhood Education, Kent State University
Ms. Katie Ours
Honors English 10, English 11, College Composition I, College Composition II
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1458
B.A., English, John Carroll University
M.A., English John Carrol University
Miss Melissa Parey
Environmental Science, Biology, Biodiversity
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1434
B.S., Biology, Marietta College
Mrs. Marcia Pecek
Honors Algebra II w/ Trig, Algebra II
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1435
B.S., Mathematics, John Carroll University
M.S., Secondary Education~Mathematics, Northeastern Illinois University
Sister Nancy Petruccelli, SND
Intervention Tutor
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1436
B.A., History, Comp. Social Studies, Notre Dame College of Ohio
M.A., History, Bowling Green State University
Sister Mary Antonee Pfenning, SND
Business Manager
Office Phone: (440) 279-1057
B.A., Business, Notre Dame College of Ohio
M.B.A., University of Notre Dame
Mr. Frank Platzar
Athletic Director
Office Phone: (440) 279-1072
B.A., Education—English/Speech, West Liberty State College M.A., Supervision, Lake Erie College Administrative Certification, John Carroll University
Mr. Robert Plumley
Theology 10 & 12
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1437
B.A., Theology, John Carroll University
M.R.E., Religious Education, Loyola University-New Orleans
Miss Elizabeth Presley
Honors English 9, English 12
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1415
M. Ed., Notre Dame College
B.A., Integrated Language Arts, Notre Dame College
Mr. Adam Pysell
Music Theory, Ukelele, Stageband, Choir, Adv. Choir, Adv. Music Theory
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1440
B.A., Music, Hiram College
Ms. Sarah Reed
Campus Ministry
Office Phone: (440) 279-1060
B.A., Walsh University
Ms. Meggan Rovelli
Algebra I, Honors Geometry, Functions
B.A., Secondary Math, Castleton State College
M.A., Curriculum and Instruction, Castelton State College
Mrs. Kathleen Sanborn (P-Sr)
School Psychologist/School Counselor
Office Phone: (440) 279-1064
B.S., Elementary Education, Bowling Green State University
M.Ed., School Psychology, Kent State University
Ed.S., School Psychology, Kent State University
Mrs. Molly Schneider
Modern World History, AP US History
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1445
B.A. History, John Carroll University
M.Ed., John Carroll University
Mr. William Scott
AP Government, World Issues
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1447
B.A., History, Kent State University
B.S., Education, Kent State University
M.A., Humanities, John Carroll University
Mrs. Mary Ann Sedivy
Intro. To Cermanics, AP Studio Art, Ceramics I, Wheel Throwing, Ceramics III, Drawing & Painting I
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1448
B.A., Art, Hiram College
Mr. Nathan Smith
Physical Science: STEM Explorations, STEM - Biomedical Studies
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1460
B.S. Psychology, John Carroll University
M.S. Secondary Science Education, City College of New York City
Mr. Joseph Spicuzza
Physical Education I & II, Adv. Physical Education I & II
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1450
B.A., Speech, Physical Education, John Carroll University
Mr. John Sullivan
Subsitute Teacher
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1451
B.A., Classical Language, John Carroll University
Mr. Michael Suso
Director of Admissions & Tuition Assistance
Office Phone: (440) 279-1088
B.A., Philosophy, University of Notre Dame
M.Ed., Alliance for Catholic Education, University of Notre Dame
Mrs. Caroline Taylor
Algebra I, Honors Algebra I, Geometry
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1444
B.A., Math & Computer Science, Immaculata College
Mrs. Alisa Testa - Finelli (A-G)
School Counselor
Office Phone: (440) 279-1063
B.A., Political Science, University of Akron
M. Ed., School Counseling, University of Akron
Licensed Professional Counselor
Mrs. Denise Troha
Spanish II, College Spanish
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1462
B.A., French and Spanish, Lake Erie College
M.A., Spanish, Cleveland State University
Mrs. Nancy Vondrak
Intro. to Business, Presentation Software, Business 21st Century, Accounting
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1452
A.D., Applied Business, Bowling Green State University
B.S., Education, Bowling Green State University
M.Ed., Instructional Technology, Bowling Green State University
Miss Maureen Wahl
Honors Biology, Forensic Science A
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1455
B.S., Biology, St. Bonaventure University
M.A., Biology, Kent State University
Mrs. Elizabeth Walsh-Moorman
Composition I & II, Rebels with a Cause, Film Study
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1456
B.A., Journalism and Mass Communication, Kent State University
M.Ed., University of Michigan
Mrs. Beth Ward
Honors Pre-Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Algebra II, Trigonometry
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1411
B.S., Secondary Education, Mathematics, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
M.B.A. University of Pittsburgh
Miss Rebecca Weinfurtner
Chemistry, STEM - Biomedical Studies
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1443
B.A., Biology, Case Western Reserve University
M.Ed., John Carrol University
Integrated Science Licensure, Cleveland State University
Mrs. Mary Wheelock
Foods I & II, Family and Child Development, Independent Living
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1459
B.S., Home Economics, Siena Heights College
Mr. George Yaniga
Design I, Intro to Photography, Photography I & II
Office Phone: (440) 286-6226 x 1432
B.A., Art Eduction, The University of Akron
Miss Jill Zeszut
Theology 9 & 10
Office Phone: (4) 286-6226 x 1464
B.A. Humanities and Catholic Culture, Franciscan University of Steubenville
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