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Invest in our students: Leading Transformation, The Campaign for Notre Dame Schools

Leading Transformation...The Campaign for 

Notre Dame Schools moves ahead!

We are proud to announce Leading Transformation, the Campaign for Notre Dame Schools—the first comprehensive campaign for Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin AND Notre Dame Elementary and Middle school and the largest campaign in the history of both schools.


“We are very excited about this campaign," said Interim President Dr. Jacqueline Hoynes.  "The initiatives supported by this campaign propel Notre Dame Schools forward and keep us at the forefront of providing an outstanding Catholic educational experience. We are grateful to our Board of Directors for saying ‘Yes’ to this campaign. We are also grateful to the campaign leadership team members and most of all our lead investors who are supporting this campaign and helping us to move forward.”


The campaign, which supports Notre Dame Middle School classroom renovation, NDCL athletic facilities, science classroom renovation, endowment, and annual giving has been privately gaining momentum since 2022, already achieving $11.2 million of our $11.5 million goal.


Thanks to early investors in the campaign, the new home grandstand at Lion Stadium opened in 2022 and re-imagined science classrooms debuted at NDCL this fall. The Rieger Athletic Center opened in Fall 2023 and Notre Dame Middle School renovation is in the planning stages.

Leading Transformation: The Campaign For Notre Dame Schools

Immediate Call to Action
Notre Dame Middle School Addition
NDCL Lion Stadium and Athletic Improvements 
NDCL Science Classroom Improvements 
Annual Fund 


Golden Sledgehammer Wall Breaking

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Campaign Priorities

Notre Dame Middle School
Initially launched in Fall 2022, Notre Dame Middle School seeks to expand into 25,000 square feet of space on the third floor above the elementary school.  The expansion includes 7 new classrooms including STEM rooms, boys and girls restrooms, small-group rooms, and collaboration spaces.  This is in addition to existing classrooms and the Middle School dining room that opened in 2022. 

Athletic Facilities
Building upon the school’s 2022 investment of permanent restrooms, concessions and spirit stand, ticket booth and welcome plaza, additional improvements to Lion Stadium include a new, 1,400-seat home grandstand, press-box and patio.  Additionally, the campaign priorities include creation of a new, 4.500 square foot indoor athletic training space. 

Science Classrooms
Where innovation and investigation thrive, where students are called to create and excel, the classrooms which harness student potential should reflect the quality of program which our schools have.  The campaign priorities include renovation of 2 NDCL science classrooms, including furniture, lighting, acoustic tiles, flooring and equipment.

Click HERE to view the Case For Support.

Campaign Leadership Team

Jason and Rachel Bowden
Dominic DiMarco '69
Joe DuBois
Lynne (Gorse '74) Ernes
Phil Fogarty '76
Jackie (Preston '01) Franck
Nick Gattozzi
George Goudreau '60
Matt and Bridey (Gallagher '92) Matheney
Janet Poponick '77
Eric Rieger
Joe and Lisa Scaminace
Ray and Melissa Sminchak
Evan Young

Notre Dame Schools Board of Directors

Dave Payne chair
Jennifer (Liebenauer '01) Cavolo
Matthew Dailey '94
Dominic DiMarco '69
Joseph DuBois
Constance (Melito '76) Eyman
Deborah Feller
Jackie (Preston '01) Franck
Chris Hart '01
Matt Keefe
Kate Kraus
Mary (Dever '76) Legerski
Sr. Frances Murray, SND
Janet Poponick '77
Sr. Kathleen Ryan, SND

Campaign Chronicles

January 2024
November 2023
Click HERE for the January 2024 issue of the Campaign Chronicles.
Click HERE for the November 2023 issue of the Campaign Chronicles.

Photo Gallery

Campaign Launch Event - 9/28/2023
To view pictures from the Campaign Launch Event on 9/28/2023 taken by Heidi Campany Photography, please click HERE.

Thank You To Our Lead Investors!

Anonymous (7)
Germaine Amato

Anthony Anderson '07
Rick and Rosie Baker
Gene Best
Emese Blankenship

Michael Blaszak '66
Marty Burke

Rosemary Burke
Andy Bushman
Pat and Lisa Callahan
Frank and Domenica Cappello

The Castele Foundation
Anthony Caticchio
Rick and Bernie Cavolo
Rick and Jen Cavolo
Cathedral Latin Class of 1965
Cathedral Latin Alumni Association
Bill Connelly
Jim and Trish Cooney
Colleen Cooney
Matt and Kristin Dailey
Jennifer Deckard
Ross and Patty DeJohn
Mike DiLillo
The DiLillo Family
Dominic DiMarco

Joe and Angie DuBois
Albert and Kara Dunn
Audrey Dvorak

Jason and Alissa Effner 
Dave and Lynne Ernes

The Sam J. Frankino Foundation 
Lani and Brad Fauvre
Terry and Debbie Feller
Dan and Margie Flynn
Phil and Sally Fogarty
Darlene Fritz

Dan Garey
Nick and Stefani Gattozzi
Gerianne Geszler
Roger and Kathrine Gingerich
Tj Gliha
Goudreau Family
Jim and Ellen Heighway
John and Therese Herubin
Mark and Beth Hoersten
Doug and Cathy Hogan

Ingalls Foundation
Bruce and Debbie Jarosz
Sandra Jones-Wernet
Peter Joyce
Martha Judy
The Robert J. and Bernadette Kane
Matt and Kelly Keefe
Ben and Kate Kraus
Rita Krebs
Rick and Jeanine Kuhlman
Ernie and Helen Lallo

James Lawler
Lawler Construction LLC
Steve and Mary Legerski
Frank and Judy LoGerfo
Michael and Kelly Malkamaki
Richard Manning

Matt and Liz Marous
Matt and Bridey Matheney
JoAnn McGreevy
Mike and Debbie McGuigan
Bill and Rita McKenna
The Miceli Family
Paul and Bonnie Miller
Joe Misinec

Anna Maria Motta
Dan and Kathy Mullinger

The Musca Foundation
Victor and Denise Nesi
Joe and Trish Nista
Tom and Lynne Nowel
Pat and Jan O'Brien
Ronald Occhionero
The Parker Hannifin Foundation
Chris and Jean Payne
Dave and Sarah Payne

James Pesek '44
The Phillips Family Foundation
Frank Piunno
Jan Poponick
Mary Ellen Powers
The Preston Family

The Matt Pruzinsky Foundation 
Toni Quagliata
Dick Reminger
Eric Rieger
Len and Cynthia Ringenbach
Tony Sacco
Joe and Lisa Scaminace
Cal and Camille Schroeck
Ray and Melissa Sminchak

Mike and Julianne Smith
Soplata Family
Joe Spagnuolo
Richard Sundra
Maria Takacs
Dominic Tomaro
Maureen Wahl
Richard Wervey
Robert Westropp
Joe and Barbara Williams
Jim and Bette Ann Zaletel


"My journey at Notre Dame, which began in kindergarten alongside my siblings in 1993 and concluded with my graduation from NDCL in 2006, profoundly influenced my personality, ethics, and values. The diverse array of experiences, including sports, retreats, community service, and academic courses enriched my family and our character. It instilled in us a strong commitment to community and the importance of creating opportunities for others. Through our gift to Leading Transformation, my family and I aim to support the schools and ensures that its shared mission with the Sisters of Notre Dame provides opportunities to future generations."

--Michael DiLillo `06 and The DiLillo Family

"Notre Dame Schools has provided a safe and supportive environment for learning, with a dedicated faculty and a wide range of opportunities for personal and academic growth. Within their caring community,  students are provided a rigorous academic curriculum embedded with the values and skills necessary for future success. We chose to be a part of this campaign because NDES/NDMS emphasizes character development and the moral values that help shape young minds and instill a strong sense of responsibility."

-- Matt Marous

Project Support

If you would like to invest in our campaign, please contact Keven Krajnak '98, Director of Advancement 
by email at [email protected] or by phone at 440-279-1068.