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2024 Summer Reading: All School Summer Reading of Historical Fiction

Everyone is reading a Historical Fiction of your choice.  Choose a novel from the menu below.

Once you choose a novel, download the Summer Reading Assignment for your novel and complete as you read.  This will be turned in your first day of English Class on August 13/14. Download links are below:

If you are in Honors 10, Honors 11, or CCP College Writing 1, you have a second reading assignment for that specific class. Click on the appropriate link below to download your class assignment.  
In addition to the Historical Fiction, your Honors/CCP novel is also due the first day of your English class.


The NDCL English department is committed to helping our students reach their fullest potential and preparing our students for success in college and beyond. In every course and on all levels, students practice effective communication (both written and spoken), and accurate, analytical reading skills.

Our Honors/College track prepares students for college-level opportunities. All courses focus not just on the traditional literacy skills, but on research and literacy skills for the 21st Century. We are discussion-centered, inquiry-based, and focused on connecting a wide range of literature to students' faith and real-world experiences.

Course Offerings

English 9
Honors English 9 (W)
English 10
Honors English 10 (W)
English 11
Honors English 11 (W)
English 12
College English Comp. I (W)*
College English Comp. II (W)*
College Introduction to Lit. I (W)*
College Introduction to Lit. II (W)*
Creative Writing*
Film Study*
Faith and Justice in Life and Lit.*
Rebels with a Cause (W)*