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Academic Program

Academic Program

Grading Scale

A+ 100-99%
A    98-93%
A-   92-90%

Outstanding; distinguished achievement  
  • meets maximum requirement, demonstrates excellence
  • analyzes and synthesizes knowledge and skills
  • shows consistent, active and effective involvement
B+  89-88%
B    87-84%
B-   83-82%

Above average; commendable achievement
  • consistently meets requirements of quality work
  • demonstrates ability to apply knowledge and skills
  • shows active and effective involvement 
C+  81-80%
C    79-76%
C-   75-74%

Average; satisfactory achievement
  • meets basic requirements for work of good quality
  • acquires basic knowledge and skills
  • shows active involvement
D+  73-72%
D    71%
D-   70%

Below average; minimal achievement
  • meets minimal requirements, produces poor quality work
  • acquires knowledge and skills sufficient for passing
  • shows limited involvement 
F    below 70%

Failure; no credit issued
  •  fails to meet minimal requirements
  • lack of knowledge and skills sufficient for passing
  • shows little or no involvement

Honor Roll Requirements

Honors are based on semester grades and require the following grade point averages.

First Honors GPA 4.0 and above
Second Honors GPA 3.5-3.99
Merit Roll
GPA 3.25-3.49

Honors and Advanced Placement

NDCL's academically talented students are encouraged to take Honors and Advanced Placement courses for which they qualify. These courses prepare them for the Advanced Placement tests and provide them with greater academic challenges. AP exams give students the opportunity to receive advanced college placement and/or college credit.

Deficiencies in Credit

Deficiencies in credit must be remediated in summer school, credited on-line classes, or by means of a certified tutor. These credits may not be made up by carrying additional courses during the school term or by retaking the courses at NDCL.

A student who is deficient in credit must make up the credit before returning to NDCL in the fall.

A student who fails more than the equivalent of one (1) credit in a given school year may be asked to withdraw from Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School.

For any semester F, a senior must make up the course or take a course of equivalent credit before a diploma will be issued.