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Blackbaud Data Breach

October 15, 2020

Notre Dame Schools respond to data breach
 We recently learned of a data-security situation that may have affected some of our alumni.
Blackbaud, a cloud software provider for Notre Dame Schools and thousands of other clients worldwide, recently experienced a large-scale data breach. The personal information of NDCL alumni who graduated from 2000-2010 may have been compromised in this breach.

In a spirit of transparency guided by our core values, we have alerted the potentially affected alumni. We are also working closely with Blackbaud to address this issue. More information about the data breach can be found here.

"At Notre Dame Schools, we take the responsibility of safeguarding our students’ information very seriously," commented President Dr. Michael Bates. "In the past few years, we have made robust advancements in data-security measures in our schools. I appreciate the ongoing support of our school community as we continue to work through this situation."