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Placement/Scholarship Testing

Placement/Scholarship Testing

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All prospective freshmen need to take our placement/scholarship test.
With students coming to NDCL from over forty different elementary and middle schools, we find that our freshmen have diverse academic experiences and skill levels. In an effort to strengthen our holistic review of students’ academic ability and better understand their unique academic gifts and talents, we administer the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test Eighth Edition (OLSAT 8 ®) as our placement/scholarship test.

The OLSAT 8 is:
Tests verbal, nonverbal and quantitative abilities
75 minutes in length

Students will spend the first 20 minutes of their testing session becoming comfortable with the test format through guided practice questions. They will then take the 60-minute assessment after a scheduled break.

NDCL offers academic scholarships to top scorers based on the results of our placement test. The Distinguished Scholar Award is a four-year, renewable, academic and leadership based scholarship.

Parent information sessions are held during the first hour of each placement test.

Test Dates & Sessions*:
*Each session is limited to 48 students.  Students may only test once. 

Session Date
                 Session Time
Saturday, November 4
Monday, November 6
Tuesday, November 7
Wednesday, November 8

Testing Fee: $25

Click HERE to register your son or daughter for NDCL's Placement/Scholarship Test.

If you have any questions or need more information contact Kellie Watrobski, NDCL Director of Admissions at 440.279.1088