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Faculty and Staff Directory

Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin Staff Directory


Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin Staff Directory

Mr. Joseph Alto
Alto, Mr. Joseph
Theology 9, Theology 12
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1431
B.A., Religious Studies, Art History, Hiram College
M.A., Theology, John Carroll University
Michael Bates, Ed.D
Bates, Ed.D, Michael
Office: 440-279-1050
B.A., History and Minor in Philosophy,
Catholic University of America
M.A., Pastoral Studies, Loyola University Chicago,
Institute of Pastoral Studies
Ed.D, Educational Leadership for Social Justice,
Loyola Marymount University
Miss Ericka Bella
Bella, Miss Ericka
Algebra II, Calculus I A&B, Col Calculus I & II
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1463
B.S., Mathematics, Walsh University
Mr. Charles Bohnak
Bohnak, Mr. Charles
English 10, English 11
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1461
B.A., Integrated Language Arts, The University of Akron
Sister Emilia Castelletti, SND
Castelletti, SND, Sister Emilia
Academic Coach
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1405
B.A., History, Government, Mathematics, Notre Dame College of Ohio
M.A., American Studies, University of Minnesota
Mr. Jim Clark
Clark, Mr. Jim
Athletic Director
Office: 440-279-1071
Mrs. Kelly Coyne
Coyne, Mrs. Kelly
Forensics B, Honors Chemistry, Honors Chemistry Comp.
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1422
B.S., Science and Chemistry, John Carroll University
M.Ed, John Carroll University
Ms. Alexis Danch '15
Danch '15, Ms. Alexis
Modern World History, Sociology
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1449
B.S., Education, University of Dayton
Mrs. Aubrey Deaton
Deaton, Mrs. Aubrey
English 10, H. English 10
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1421
B.A., Integrated Language Arts, Mt. Vernon Nazarene University
Mr. Pietro DeMichele
DeMichele, Mr. Pietro
Health Services
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1438
B.S., Mercyhurst College
Mrs. Andrea Denny
Denny, Mrs. Andrea
Spanish II & III
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1429
B.A. Spanish, Pre-K - 12, Notre Dame College
Marco DiFranco '06
DiFranco '06, Marco
Strength and Conditioning, Adv. Strength and Conditioning, PE I
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1466
B.A., Physical Education, Cleveland State University
Karen Dolovacky
Dolovacky, Karen
Academic Coach
Mrs. Leticia Echanove
Echanove, Mrs. Leticia
Spanish I
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1429
Universidad Autónoma de Mexico 
Sr. Rose Falorio, SND
Falorio, SND, Sr. Rose
Academic Coach
Office: 44-286-6226 x 1441
Mr. Michael Fleeman
Fleeman, Mr. Michael
Intervention Specialist
Office: 440-279-1426
B.A., Mild to Mod. Intervention Specialist, Notre Dame College
Mrs. Elizabeth Ford
Ford, Mrs. Elizabeth
College Biology I & II, Anatomy & Physiology, Environmental Science
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1413
B.S., Biology, Bowling Green University
B.A., Education Life Sciences and Chemistry, Bowling Green University
M.A., Biology, Miami University 
Ms. Victoria Frabotta
Frabotta, Ms. Victoria
Col Lit I & II, English 12, Film Study
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1414
B.A., Arts, History/English, John Carroll University
M.A., Education, John Carroll University
Mr. Stephen Gatto
Gatto, Mr. Stephen
Spanish I & III
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1427
B.A., Spanish, John Carroll University
M.E., Professional Teacher, John Carroll University
Mrs. Judee Geizer
Geizer, Mrs. Judee
Finance Office
Office: 440-279-1056
B.S., Biology, Medical Technology, Cleveland State University
Mr. Zack Geizer '14
Geizer '14, Mr. Zack
Physics, AP Physics, STEM Phys. Science. Physics & AP Physics Comp
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1403
B.S., Computer Science, Michigan State University
Ms. Amy Haas
Haas, Ms. Amy
Intro. to Business, Accounting, Marketing Principals
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1446
M.E., Education, Bowling Green University
B.S., Education, Bowling Green University
Associate of Applied Business, Terra Community College 
Mrs. Vinka Hartman
Hartman, Mrs. Vinka
French I, II, III, Spanish I
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1416
B.A., French, Cleveland State University
Mr. Kyle Hoffmann
Hoffmann, Mr. Kyle
IT Tech Support
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1099
Mrs. Kathy Hurt
Hurt, Mrs. Kathy
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1100
Mrs. Maria Injic '99
Injic '99, Mrs. Maria
Director of Finance
Office: 440-279-9332
B.S., Accounting and International Business, University of Dayton
M.B.A., University of Dayton
Ms. Shirley Ivancic Stall
Ivancic Stall, Ms. Shirley
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1419
B.A., Communications, John Carroll University
Sister Michelle Kelly, SND
Kelly, SND, Sister Michelle
Director of Academic Success Center, Intervention Specialist
Office: 440-279-1097
B.A., Elementary and Special Education, LaSalle University
M.A., Educational Administration, Ursuline College
Mrs. Ashley Kelm
Kelm, Mrs. Ashley
Col Statistics I & II, Trigonometry, Statistics, Engineering Principles
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1457
B.S., Chemical Engineering, Youngstown State University
Sister Joanne Keppler, SND
Keppler, SND, Sister Joanne
Director of Professional Learning
Office: 440-279-1053
B.A., English & History/Political Science, Notre Dame College of Ohio
M.A., Religious Education, University of St. Thomas
M.A.T., History & Political Science, Indiana University
Certification, High School Principal, Ursuline College
Mrs. Dana King
King, Mrs. Dana
Auxiliary Clerk
Office: 440-279-1067
B.S., Early Childhood Education, Lake Erie College
K-12 Reading Endorsement
Mrs. Katie Koci
Koci, Mrs. Katie
Director of the Counseling Department
Office: 440-279-1061
B.A., Individual and Family Studies, Kent State University
M.A., Community Counseling, John Carroll University
School Counseling Licensure, Cleveland State University
Mr. Keven Krajnak '98
Krajnak '98, Mr. Keven
Director of Advancement
Office: 440-279-1068
B.S., Sports Management, University of Dayton
M.B.A., Cleveland state University
Mr. Phillip LeMay
LeMay, Mr. Phillip
Computer Programming, Adv. Programming, Audio Engineering
Office: 440-279-1096
B.A., Mathematics, John Carroll University
M.S., Management Information Systems, Barrington University
Mr. Benjamin Lozar '09
Lozar '09, Mr. Benjamin
Assistant Director of Campus Ministry
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1420
B.A., Science and Mathematics, Secondary Education, University of Cincinnati
Mr. Joseph Lumpkins
Lumpkins, Mr. Joseph
H. Geometry, Algebra I, Pre-Calculus, Functions

B.A., Mathematics, University of Cincinnati
B.S., Secondary Education in Mathematics, University of Cincinnati

Mr. Quinn Malone
Malone, Mr. Quinn
Assistant Director of Admissions
Office: 440-279-1086
B.A.,  Sports Business, University of Mount Union
M.S., Sports Administration, Arkansas State University
Miss Katherine Martin '14
Martin '14, Miss Katherine
English 9, H. English 10
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1425
M.A., Secondary Education & English, University of Dayton
Mr. Ross Martin
Martin, Mr. Ross
Modern World History, U.S. History
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1408
B.A., History/Adolescent and Young Adult Education-Integrated Social Studies, John Carroll University 
Miss Emily Mazzaferri
Mazzaferri, Miss Emily
School Counselor
Office: 440-279-1063
B.A., Middle Childhood Education, University of Mount Union
M.A., Education, John Carroll University
M.A., Counseling and Human Development, Walsh University
Mr. Robert McBrayer
McBrayer, Mr. Robert
Health, Physical Education I
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1424
B.S., Physical Education, Ohio University Health Education, Cleveland State University
M.S., Curriculum Development, Ohio University
Mr. Ryan McCafferty
McCafferty, Mr. Ryan
School Counselor
Office: 440-279-1062
B.A., Psychology, Kent State University
M.Ed., School Counseling, Kent State University
Mrs. Maura McGinty-O'Hara
McGinty-O'Hara, Mrs. Maura
English 9, English 11
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1401
B.S., Integrated Language Arts, Ohio University
Miss Halle McKeon
McKeon, Miss Halle
Director of Campus Ministry
Office: 440-279-1059
B.S., Adolescent to Young Adult Education, University of Dayton
M.A., School Counseling, Xavier University 
Miss Michalena Mezzopera '14
Mezzopera '14, Miss Michalena
H. English 9 & English 12
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1437
B.A., English & Adolescent Young Adult Education, John Carroll University
Mr. Andrew Mooney
Mooney, Mr. Andrew
Assistant Athletic Director
Office: 440-279-1070
Bachelor of Specialized Studies: Political Science, Ohio University
M.Ed., Integrated Social Studies, Ohio University
Mrs. Amy Myers
Myers, Mrs. Amy
Media Specialist
Office: 440-279-1085
B.S., Integrated Social Studies, Ohio University
M.Ed., Instructional Technology and Media Specialist, Kent State University
Mrs. Lindsey Nicholson '02
Nicholson '02, Mrs. Lindsey
AP US History, US History, Honors Modern World History
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1402
B.A., History, Loyola University Chicago
B.S. Secondary Education, Loyola University Chicago
Mrs. Michelle Nowak
Nowak, Mrs. Michelle
Theology 9 & 12
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1433
B.A., English, Miami Univ. of Ohio M.A., English, Univ. of Dayton
M.A., Theology, Saint Mary Seminary and Graduate School of Theology
Miss Melissa Parey
Parey, Miss Melissa
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1434
B.S., Biology, Marietta College
Mrs. Marcia Pecek
Pecek, Mrs. Marcia
Honors Algebra II w/ Trig, Algebra II
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1435
B.S., Mathematics, John Carroll University
M.S., Secondary Education~Mathematics, Northeastern Illinois University
Mr. Christopher Poulos
Poulos, Mr. Christopher
Assistant Principal for Student Life
Office: 440-279-1054
B.S., Biology, Ohio Dominican University
M.A., Education, Ursuline College
Mr. Adam Pysell '05
Pysell '05, Mr. Adam
Ukulele, Stageband, Choir, Adv. Choir
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1440
B.A., Music, Hiram College
Ms. Claire Raack
Raack, Ms. Claire
Intro. to Ceramics, Ceramics I & II, Intro to Design, Intro Drawing and Painting I, Wheelthrowing
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1425
BFA, Art Education, Syracuse University
Ohio Four-Year Resident Visual Art Educator License (P-12)
New York Sate Initial Teaching Certification (K-12)
Mrs. Elizabeth Riley
Riley, Mrs. Elizabeth
Theology 10 & 12
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1464
B.A., Spanish, Michigan State University
M.A., Theological Studies, University of Dallas 
Miss Stefani Rose '98
Rose '98, Miss Stefani
Director of Student Information Systems
Office: 440-279-1077
B.A., Vocal Performance, Mercyhurst College
M.S., Organizational Leadership, Mercyhurst College
M.S. Ed., Academic Advising, Kansas State University
Mrs. Lindsey Sanborn
Sanborn, Mrs. Lindsey
Algebra I, Math Int
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1409
B.S.E., Mathematics, Kent State University 
Mrs. Molly Schneider
Schneider, Mrs. Molly
Col Govt., AP US History
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1445
B.A. History, John Carroll University
M.Ed., John Carroll University
Mr. William Scott
Scott, Mr. William
Government, World Issues, Economics
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1447
B.A., History, Kent State University
B.S., Education, Kent State University
M.A., Humanities, John Carroll University
Mrs. Mary Ann Sedivy
Sedivy, Mrs. Mary Ann
AP Studio Art I & II, Intro. to Drawing and Painting, Drawing and Painting I
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1448
B.A., Art, Hiram College
Mr. Nathan Smith
Smith, Mr. Nathan
STEM Phys Sc, STEM - Biomedical Studies, Astronomy, Biodiversity
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1460
B.S. Psychology, John Carroll University
M.S. Secondary Science Education, City College of New York City
Mr. Joseph Spicuzza
Spicuzza, Mr. Joseph
Physical Education II, Adv. Physical Education I & II
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1450
B.A., Speech, Physical Education, John Carroll University
Miss Megan Staudacher
Staudacher, Miss Megan
Multi Media Tech., Digital Design I & II, Yearbook Publishing
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1430
B.A., Art Education w/ a PK-12 Licensure, University of Akron
Mrs. Koli Storer
Storer, Mrs. Koli
School Counselor
Office: 440-279-1064
B.A., Sociology, Human Services, John Carroll University
M.Ed., School Counseling, John Carroll University
Mr. Michael Suso '03
Suso '03, Mr. Michael
Director of Admissions
Office: 440-279-1088
B.A., Philosophy, University of Notre Dame
M.Ed., Alliance for Catholic Education, University of Notre Dame
Mrs. Caroline Taylor
Taylor, Mrs. Caroline
Algebra I, Algebra II Concepts, Geometry
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1444
B.A., Math & Computer Science, Immaculata College
Mrs. Denice Teeples
Teeples, Mrs. Denice
Assistant Principal for Academics
Office: 440-279-1065
B.S., Biology, Bowling Green State University
M.S., Marine Biology,
Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Center
M.A.T., Life Science, Kent State University
5-12 Principal License, Ursuline College
Mr. Randy Thomas
Thomas, Mr. Randy
Associate Athletic Director
Office: 440-279-1072
B.S., Sport Administration, Ball State University 
Mrs. Denise Troha
Troha, Mrs. Denise
Spanish II, College Spanish
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1462
B.A., French and Spanish, Lake Erie College
M.A., Spanish, Cleveland State University
Mr. James Vanek '13
Vanek '13, Mr. James
Theology 10 & 11
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1423
B.S., Secondary Religion Education, University of Dayton
M.S.E., Educational Leadership, University of Dayton             
Miss Maureen Wahl
Wahl, Miss Maureen
Honors Biology, Forensic Science A, Bio Medical
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1455
B.S., Biology, St. Bonaventure University
M.A., Biology, Kent State University
Mr. Joseph Waler
Waler, Mr. Joseph
Office: 440-279-1052
B.A., Religious Studies, John Carroll University
M.A., Religious Studies, John Carroll University
M. Ed., Educational Administration,
Cleveland State University
Mrs. Beth Ward
Ward, Mrs. Beth
Honors Pre-Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Algebra II, Trigonometry
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1411
B.S., Secondary Education, Mathematics, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
M.B.A. University of Pittsburgh
Ms. Paulette Welch
Welch, Ms. Paulette
Sports Information Coordinator & Athletic Assistant
Office: 440-279-1073
B.A., English, Wittenberg University
M.S., Sports Administration, St. Thomas University (FL)
Mr. George Yaniga
Yaniga, Mr. George
Cr Comp Art, Intro to Photography, Photography I, II & III, Design I
Office: 440-286-6226 x 1432
B.A., Art Eduction, The University of Akron