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Science at NDCL builds curiosity, critical thinking, mathematical and investigative skills. Physical science in grade 9 is the foundation of scientific language and investigation,. The majority of the content follows the Common Core units of the study of matter, energy and waves, forces and motion. Biology is explored next through many investigations of the diversity of living things in the world.  Chemistry students discover the wonder of the world of matter, its composition and changes which can be expressed mathematically. Physics offers students the chance to continue developing their mathematical understanding of science; higher level guided-inquiry promotes critical thinking skills. NDCL electives offer students the opportunity to explore the world of forensics and the anatomy & physiology of the human body.

Course Offerings
Physical Science: STEM Explorations
Honors Biology (W)
Environmental Science
Honors Chemistry (W)
AP Physics (W)
Human Anatomy and Physiology
College Biology with Lab I (W)
College Biology with Lab II (W)
Forensic Science A
Forensic Science B
STEM: Biomedical Studies
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