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Counseling Department

The Counseling Department plays an integral role in the educational experience at NDCL. All four master’s educated, licensed counselors provide services to students in three primary areas that reflect the American School Counseling Association’s (ASCA) model: academic achievement, personal and social development,and college and career readiness.

Counseling Services Overview

Counselors meet with students monthly throughout the school year in classroom seminars. This Counseling Seminar experience greatly increases counselors’ connections with students, provides the opportunity for building meaningful relationships, and serves as a means for sharing important information.

Students are assigned to their counselors alphabetically by last name and remain with the same counselor for all four years of high school. This student-centered arrangement provides maximum opportunity for school counselors to develop a strong rapport with NDCL students and families.

Counselors not only provide services to students, but also assist parents in any way possible in their roles as co-educators. Programming for parents is provided in the area of college planning beginning in the sophomore year. College admission and financial aid professionals are part of this education.

For more extensive academic support, counselors refer students to academic coaches and the services of the Academic Success Center.

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