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Notre Dame Schools Board of Directors

Message from the Chair of the Board of Directors

Dear Friends of Notre Dame Schools,

The campus of Notre Dame Schools (NDS) is alive with a new school year.  The start of the school year and the pending change of seasons have led me to both reflection and anticipation.  In my reflection, I realized that this NDCL Senior class is the first to spend their entire school years learning about September 11, 2001 as a historical fact as they were not alive when it happened. Time truly marches on.

Additionally, this class is the first to spend all of their high school years under the first NDS Strategic Plan created in 2016.  Much was accomplished under this first strategic plan, “Better Together”, including the hiring of the first lay President of NDS, NDCL joining NDES as a National Blue Ribbon School, continued strong enrollment and financial stability of both schools, the move of the Preschool to the NDES facility and significant renovations and upgrades of NDES including the renovation of the SND swimming pool to become the NDES Multi-purpose space.

This calendar year the Board of Directors looks forward to the completion of the second strategic plan.  We will work to ensure that this plan will sustain and grow NDS with a focus to our mission and vision to nurture and educate students to transform their lives and our world.

The Board of Directors role is to ensure the long-term growth and stability of NDS. I am certain that both NDES and NDCL will continue to thrive as a result of the dedication and generous service of Board members, faculty and staff of the schools, and the commitment of our families and friends to Catholic education and the mission we share.  Together we are Notre Dame Schools and we have clearly shown that we are “Better Together”.

Lynne M. Ernes ‘74
Chair, Board of Directors