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Board of Directors

The vibrancy and success of Notre Dame Schools depend upon many individuals and groups who so generously commit their expertise, talents and resources.  The Board of Directors consists of men and women of varied backgrounds who understand the missions of the schools and that of the Sisters of Notre Dame. They commit themselves to advancing those missions.

Their specific responsibilities include:

  • Formulating and enacting policies governing the school in accordance with its mission
  • Developing and adopting a strategic plan for the school
  • Overseeing the finances of the school including the annual operating and capital budgets, investments and advancement efforts
  • Selecting and evaluating the school’s president


The National Ministry Corporation and the Notre Dame Schools Board of Directors presently serve as the governing body for NDCL and NDES.

On July 1, 2015 a new board, The Notre Dame Schools Board assumed their role of governance replacing the two previously established separate boards for Notre Dame Elementary School and Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin.

The current board members are alumni of Notre Dame Academy, Cathedral Latin School, NDES and NDCL, current and former parents and other professionals from the business community. Each possesses expertise in specific areas relative to the board’s areas of responsibility. The Board of Directors sole hire is the President of Notre Dame Schools (NDES/NDCL).