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God has called each of us by name, and loves each one of us personally. We have been called into being and called to a covenant of love, as were Abraham and Sarah, Moses and others before us. Although we are not always faithful to the covenant, God is always faithful. God has called us as Catholic Christians to a new life in Christ, far beyond the vision of the Old Testament, giving us Baptism, making us one with God and with one another.

Jesus became human to redeem us and to show us the way to the Father. We encounter Christ in the Gospels and in the Eucharist; with him, we worship God, and we respond to his love by living according to the pattern Christ has shown us in his life and teachings.

Jesus Christ continues his life through the Holy Spirit in his Church, in which we as members live out our Christian witness. Growing to maturity within the community of the Church, we assume responsibilities, both spiritually and morally, and we direct our thoughts to the manner in which we live out our Christian commitment.

To live an adult Christian life in the modern world, we must be clear in our beliefs and committed to acting according to these beliefs. An understanding of the relevance of our faith to specific contemporary issues will help us to live a fuller life in Christ and to prepare for eternal happiness with him.