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Visual Arts

Visual Art

Through the Visual Arts Program at NDCL, students have the opportunity to develop their skills of observing, thinking and communicating using a variety of art media.

Our program teaches the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design as the foundation for the courses offered in the program. Students will develop technical skills in a variety of media, as well as resolve problems to communicate a specific idea. In addition, students will implement the critique to analyze art work; their own, that of others and art works in history.

NDCL student’s develop artistic sensibility encourages self-discovery through which students will value their own individuality and the individuality of others; in turn promoting a broader awareness of social responsibility.

Visual Arts

Course Offerings
Intro. to Drawing & Painting
Introduction to Design
Drawing and Painting I
Drawing and Painting II
Design I
Design II
Introduction to Ceramics
Ceramics I
Ceramics II
Ceramics III
Wheel Throwing
Traditional/Digital Photography I
Traditional/Digital Photography II
Intro. to Photography
Creative Computer Art
AP Studio Art (W)