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Estate Giving

Estate Giving: The Notre Dame Circle

The Notre Dame Circle is NDCL's group of planned and estate giving donors. A planned gift, a deferred gift from your estate, to Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School makes a lasting impact on current and future generations of NDCL students by providing scholarships and financial assistance in perpetuity.

In most cases, estate gifts are directed to NDCL’s general endowment fund or to a specific named scholarship and the interest from these provides financial assistance for our students. A named scholarship can be established at any time, most often in memory or in honor of an individual, with a minimum threshold of $25,000.

An Estate Gift is a deferred, marketable asset that NDCL receives after your lifetime when your will and estate are settled. This is not a gift from your current cash flow. Some common examples of Estate Gifts are:

Bequest: A few sentences in your will that indicates Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School as the recipient of a percentage of, or a certain amount of cash, securities or property from your estate. After your lifetime, Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School receives your gift.

Life Insurance: If you have a paid-up insurance policy the proceeds, or a portion of it, may be given to Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School via a cash gift.

IRAs and Retirement Fund Assets: After your lifetime any funds left in these accounts that are left to family members and friends are subject to taxes. By listing Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School as a beneficiary, these taxes can be reduced or eliminated.

Are you 70 ½ years old? If you said “yes” and you have a traditional IRA, you are eligible to make a tax-free donation to Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School directly from your IRA.

Charitable Remainder Trust: Names one or more beneficiaries of your estate for a period of time, after which the assets go to Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School.

We suggest that you consult with your attorney and/or tax advisor to determine which type of Estate Gift fits your needs best.

Steps in making an estate gift to Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School: 

  1. Notify your attorney or financial adviser your intent on making a gift through your estate. They can help you determine which type of estate gift is right for you, including special tax advantages to you and any living beneficiaries.
  2. Update your will to include “Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School” as a beneficiary.
  3. Complete the Estate Provision Intention form and mail to the NDCL Advancement Office, 13000 Auburn Road, Chardon, OH  44024
For more information contact Keven Krajnak `98, Director of Advancement, at (440) 279-1068 or Keven Krajnak.