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Notre Dame Circle

Notre Dame Circle

Named after Our Lady, the patroness of Notre Dame Academy, Cathedral Latin and NDCL,
honors our alumni and friends who have included NDCL in their estate plans.

Anonymous (6)
The Estate of Eugene T. Baker `37 †
The Estate of Betty J. (Hoge `52) Blasse
The Estate of Marilyn F. Carter `48

Rick `74 and Bernadette (Caprez `75) Cavolo
George `65 and Mary Collins
Colleen Conway Cooney
Catherine M. Corrigan `49
Hon. William J. and Patricia (Ward `56) Coyne
Audrey (Hubeny `52) Dvorak
David and Lynne (Gorse `74) Ernes
Margaret (Burke `77) and Rudolf Fernandez
Bob `55  and Suzanne Fitzgerald
Darlene A. Fritz `67

Fran Gasper `52
Gerianne Geszler `70
Shirley Havlek `52
The Estate of Harry C.  Jackson
Dorothy Jankowski
The Estate of Margaret A. Kubu `40 †
Kevin and Maureen Lynn
The Estate of Ann T. Magyar †
The Estate of Robert S. Malaga `45 †
Ken `56 and Annie Mrozinski
Constance (Griffith `43) Muldoon †
Tom `65 and Lynne Nowel
Fran Nugent `46 
Jerry Ann (Wernet `62) and Stan`62 †Osenar
Sterling `60 and Lois (Andruscik `61) Parks

Bill `50 and Jackie (Jakubowski `53) Pevec
Janet Poponick `77
The Estate of Anthony A. Pozelnik `31 †

Avis Pritchett `74
Michael and Barbara Rossi
The Estate of James F. Schlecht `36 
The Estate of Louis A. Shainker `60
Rich Somodi `63
Joe Spagnuolo `61
Carol Strater `54
The Estate of Julius P. Sukys `42
Jim `66 and Janie  Talty
Steve and Mary Ann (Sauter `59) Urlacher
  Maureen Wahl
Joseph M. Walton `44
Donald Willis `52 †
James G. Zaletel '64
The Estate of Anthony G. Zappa †