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To be a member of an interscholastic sports team, a student athlete, manager, or trainer must meet the following requirements:

  • The rules of the OHSAA pertaining to eligibility must be strictly adhered to.

  •  The student athlete must have a current physical form on file in the athletic office.

  •  The student athlete will abide by all rules established by the Athletic Department and individual teams.

  •  The student athlete will maintain a standard of conduct that will reflect favorably on him/herself, family, school, and community.

  •  The student athlete must be in school by 11:00 am the day of an athletic event or practice. Excused absences must be accompanied by a doctor’s note or pre-arranged absence form.


  • At the middle and end of each quarter, the academic performance of all students will be reviewed by the school administration, which will report to the Athletic Director the names of student-athletes who have earned any F grade and/or two or more D grades.

  • Following the mid-quarter review, the Athletic Director and appropriate representatives of the school administration, Counseling Department, and/or coaching staff will confer and then communicate with the student to assist him/her in improving the unsatisfactory academic performance. The student-athlete will be notified that he/she has ten (10) school days to improve the unsatisfactory grades to 75% or better. If performance does not improve to this level by the specified date, the student-athlete will be declared ineligible.

  • Following the end-of-quarter review, any student-athlete who earns any F grade and/or two or more D grades will be declared ineligible. The provisions described in the preceding paragraph for mid-quarter reviews do not apply to end-of-quarter reviews.

  • If a student-athlete is declared ineligible following any academic review, the period of ineligibility will begin on the effective date established by the school administration without regard to specific events or contests.

  • A student-athlete who has been declared ineligible can be re-evaluated six (6) days after the effective date of ineligibility. At that time, if the student-athlete has improved to 74% or better, his/her eligibility is reinstated.

  • The re-evaluation in the form of a written document from the relevant teachers(s) will be the responsibility of the student-athlete.

  • Academically ineligible student-athletes may practice, with the approval of the coach, but may not dress for games, matches, or meets. The coach has the discretion to determine whether the non-uniformed student-athlete will be on the bench during the game.

  • The school administration has the authority to revoke eligibility as a consequence for disciplinary infractions.

  • Expanded policies and procedures for participation in interscholastic sports are contained in the Parent Student-Athlete Handbook distributed to student-athletes and their parents at the beginning of each sports season.
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