Course Offerings

Theology 9
Theology 10
Theology 11
Theology 12


Accounting I
Introduction to Business *
Business in the 21st Century *


English 9
Honors English 9 (W)
English 10
Honors English 10 (W)
English 11
AP English Lit & Comp. (W)
English 12
College English Comp. I (W) *
College English Comp. II (W) *
Creative Writing *
Speech *
Film Study *
Rebel with a Cause (W)

Family & Consumer Science
Creative Foods I *
Creative Foods II *
Independent Living *
Family & Child Development *

Health/Physical Education
Physical Education I
Physical Education II
Adv. Physical Education I
Adv. Physical Education II
Strength and Conditioning
Plyometrics & Conditioning

Algebra I
Honors Algebra I (W)
Honors Geometry (W)
Algebra II Concepts
Algebra II
Honors Algebra II-Trig (W)
Honors Pre-Calculus (W)
Mathematics (cont.)
Trigonometry *
Pre-Calculus *
Statistics *
Calculus I
Functions *
AP Calculus B/C (W)
AP Statistics (W)
Engineering Principles *

Performing Arts
Music Theory *
Advanced Music Theory *
Ukulele Class *
Advanced Choir
Theatre *
Theatre Workshop *
Physical Science: STEM Explorations
Honors Biology (W)
Environmental Science
Honors Chemistry (W)
AP Physics (W)
Human Anatomy and Physiology
College Biology I (W) *
College Biology II (W) *
Forensic Science A *
Forensic Science B *
Global Issues in
Environmental Science *
Biodiversity *
STEM: Biomedical Studies *

Social Studies
Modern World History
Honors Modern World History *
U.S. History
AP U.S. History (W)
AP Government (W)
Economics *
Human Geography *
Sociology *
East Asian Studies *

Social Studies (cont.)
Middle East Issues *
World Issues *
Intro. to Psychology * - PSEO


Digital Design *
Computer Programming w/ C++ *
Advanced Programming w/ C++ *
Presentation Software *
NDCL Publications *

Visual Arts
Intro. to Drawing & Painting *
Introduction to Design *
Drawing and Painting I *
Drawing and Painting II *
Design I *
Design II *
Ceramics I
Ceramics II
Ceramics III *
Traditional/Digital Photography I *
Traditional/Digital Photography II* 
Intro. to Photography *
Computer Illistration *
AP Studio Art (W) *
Wheel Throwing *

World Languages
French I
French II
French III
French IV
Spanish I
Spanish Il
Spanish III
Spanish IV
College Spanish II (W) *

College Credit Plus Courses
Introduction to Psychology (W) *
Rebels with a Cause (W) *
College English Comp. I (W) *
College English Comp. II (W) *
College Biology I (W) *
College Biology II (W) *
College Spanish II (W) *

* - Semester Course
W - Weighted Grade Course
The school reserves the right to cancel any course if an insufficient number of students register for it or there is not an available teacher.

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