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Sponsorship by SNDs

Sponsorship by Sisters of Notre Dame

The leadership team of the Sisters of Notre Dame of Chardon, Ohio, known as the Provincial Council, have entrusted the Congregation’s mission and educational vision and principles to the Board of Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School. With a sense of purpose and intent, the Congregation seeks to institutionalize this mission at the school under the direction and leadership of NDCL’s Board. Their role focuses on the school’s Catholic identify and fidelity to the mission. Because of this they are known as “the sponsors” or the “sponsoring Congregation” of Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin School.

The present corporate Board consists the Board of Members (5) who insures fidelity to this mission and a lay Board of Directors (23) who governs, determines policy, assumes fiduciary responsibility and designs the strategic direction of NDCL in accord with the mission. The school’s administration then assumes the responsibility for implementation.

The Educational Vision of the Sisters of Notre Dame

Impelled by Jesus Christ and his mission and our rich educational heritage, we provide a Catholic environment of educational excellence for the transformation of individuals and society.

We form persons who are skilled and committed to journey together in hope as witnesses and catalysts for the responsible care of all God’s creation and for justice and peace, especially for those on the margins of society.

Educational Principles of the Sisters of Notre Dame

#1: CENTRALITY OF GOD: The Centrality of a Good and Provident God

#2: HUMAN DIGNITY: The Human Dignity of Each Person as an Image of God

#3: GOSPEL WITNESS: The Notre Dame Educator as a Gospel Witness

#4: TRANSFORMATION: An Integrated Education for Transformation

Sisters of Notre Dame ministering at NDCL

Sr. Michelle Kelly
Sr. Joanne Keppler
Sr. Emilia Castelletti
Sr. Karen Dolovacky '71