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Summer Math

Summer Math (Algebra I & Honors Algebra I)

Welcome to Algebra 1 at NDCL! In order to make sure that we hit the ground running and have a productive year, we'd like to have you practice some of the skills that we think are necessary to be successful. You should print out the packet before watching the video. You'll find that the first four pages go along with the video. We call them guided notes, and they're notes, graphics and examples to help you make the most of the video. Feel free to pause the video while you fill in the notes, and rewind if you need to hear something again. 

Once you've watched the video you should do the the practice problems included. If you're really stumped on a problem, even after you watch the part of the video again, just circle it. Bring the packet to your first day of Algebra and we can go over any of the problems that you thought were super hard. The packet is due on the second day of class. Make sure you do the work in pencil, put your name on your packet and staple it together. 

Have a fantastic summer! See you soon!

Questions? Please contact one of us:

Mrs. Jamie Malz
Mrs. Caroline Taylor