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Academic Coaching

Academic Coaching

Full and part-time academic coaches work with all students to develop skills, to remediate deficiencies and to help prepare students for assessments. Students with an Enhanced Learning Block each have an academic coach to help monitor academic progress and to encourage academic practices that lead to success. Coaches are available during Enhanced Learning Blocks, Lion Time, and after school so all students have the opportunity to take advantage of academic coaching.

Academic Coaching Schedule during ELB and Lion Time

Mr. Mooney (Social Studies, Economics, Sociology)
Monday through Friday
Sr. Emilia Castelletti (all subjects except Science)
Monday through Friday
Sr. Rose Falorio (English & Writing in all content areas)
Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 
Sr. Karen Dolovacky (Science and Theology)Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 
Mr. Hodun (Physical Science and Physics)
Tuesday and Wednesday
Mrs. Prince (Math)
Tuesday and Wednesday 
Mrs. Zurbuch (Science)
Wednesday and Thursday
Mr. Cahill (Physics and Calculus)Monday and Thursday 

There are many other Lion Time Opportunities for academic assistance with faculty. Click here to see the list of Lion Time Opportunities.

Academic Coaching Schedule after school (2:45-4:00)

Monday: Sr. Rose

Tuesday: Mrs. Prince

Wednesday: Sr. Emilia

Thursday: Mrs. Zurbuch, Sr. Karen, and Mr. Cahill (by appt. only)