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Liturgy and Prayer

Liturgy & Prayer

The entire school comes together to attend Mass for large feast celebrations throughout the liturgical seasons. Under the “Calendar” tab you can see the Mass schedule. Parents are always welcome at these liturgies. We are building a strong foundation in our students through the reception of the Eucharist and the proclamation of the Scriptures at Mass.
Students are invited to be involved in all of our liturgies in many ways:
  • Lectors
  • Gift Bearers 
  • Servers
  • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion
  • Music Ministry
 In addition, the sacrament of Reconciliation and Adoration are offered weekly in the Chapel with Fr. Caddy during Lion Time on Thursdays. Daily Mass during Lion Time on Tuesdays. We offer Masses before some athletic contests and activities as they arise.

The Powerhouse of Prayer

Our students have self-named the NDCL community “a powerhouse of prayer.” Whether a personal need for a special intention, the opening or closing of a school day, or a gathering to celebrate the Eucharist, prayer is at the heart of our community. Teachers begin each class with student-led prayer. Students become comfortable praying for and with each other and offer intentions throughout the day. Students initiate prayer at other times too, enlisting the Powerhouse when requested. 

If you have a prayer intention, just let us know by calling (440) 286.6226 x1059


We have two groups for our Campus Ministry leaders.  “Daughters of the King” is a group of upperclasswomen who commit to deepening their spiritual lives.  “God's Guys” is a group of students who commit to deepening their spiritual lives and learn other life skills throughout the year. Peer Ministry is a combination of both the men’s and women’s group for support and discussion of leadership and service opportunities for the school.