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Freshman Retreat
Retreats are an integral part of the spiritual experience and formation of each student at Notre Dame-Cathedral Latin. Each retreat focuses on one of the core values of NDCL—community, respect, justice, integrity, and excellence. As part of their faith formation, each student will participate in a class-level retreat every year. CPE helps facilitate the Freshmen Retreat, and Upperclassmen help with the Sophomore Class Retreat. 

Freshman COMMUNITY Retreat – OUTDOOR on NDCL’s Campus. Dress Down with an eye to the weather. Lunch will be included. Includes Mass.

Sophomore RESPECT Retreat – Squire's Castle. Dress down. Pack lunch. Includes Mass.

Junior JUSTICE Retreat – Students will be given various options presented to them in their theology classes. 

Senior INTEGRITY Retreat – Kayaking Retreat. Pack lunch. Includes Mass. 

KairosAs an upper class student, young men and women can choose to participate in Kairos, a powerful 3 or 4-day, student-led retreat which brings about a greater EXCELLENCE in one’s relationship with Christ, self, and others. Students attending miss classes and must make up the work within one week.  PARENTS will receive additional important information via email once registration form is turned into Campus Ministry. A senior who attends Kairos during the senior year is exempt from the Senior Integrity Retreat. 

NOTE: Students chosen to lead Kairos after attending must interview for the position and work with a team of ten for the six weeks prior to the retreat.